Choosing Between the Types of Garage Doors

Choosing between the different types of garage doors can be an overwhelming task. Depending on your space, your goals, and your own personal taste you may find that one type of garage door suits your needs more than another, but where to begin? This is a great place to start when choosing a garage door!

Structure of different types of garage doors






The three main types of garage doors are single panelsectional and roll-upeach with it’s own set of pros and cons. Additionally, most of these types are available stock, semi-custom or custom which brings along a wide range of materials, styles, finishes and prices. The following information should help you get a better idea of the range of options and reasons you may choose one type over another. Browse the Pros and Cons of each style by clicking through the options below. If you need additional advice just contact us and we'd be happy to assist you. We can meet you in Chandler or any of the surrounding Phoenix areas.

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